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Solar Roofing Solutions from Tesla


Tesla is the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. Led by Elon Musk, Tesla is innovative and creative in providing energy efficient solutions. Tesla strongly believes in reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and is partnering with other organizations to leverage solar energy.

  1. Their famous electric vehicle models include the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. The electric vehicles run on electricity and produce less carbon emissions. The vehicles can be charged at many locations available through out the country. Electric vehicle owners also can install a charging station at their own property as well.
  2. Tesla offers energy storing battery systems such as the Powerwall and Powerpack for residential and commercial electricity storage solutions. The battery systems have inbuilt inverters and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The Powerwall works with the solar panels installed at a property and convert the solar energy to electric energy.

  3. Tesla's auto pilot vehicles offer driver less cars. The sophisticated auto pilot vehicles have cameras, sensors, radars, and other systems to support the driver less cars. Self-driving capability of their electric vehicles made Tesla a unique brand in the auto industry.
  4. Tesla's solar roofing solutions are the latest in the product range. The solar tiles could be installed along with the Powerwall battery system to power a residence or business.

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Tesla is the world leader in electric vehicles, energy storage solutions, and solar roofing systems. Tesla's company SpaceX is also planning to send unmanned spaceships - Dragon capsules - to Mars to explore more about the planet.

Solar Roofing from Tesla

Recently, Tesla partnered with Solar City to provide innovative solar roofing systems. This will reduce the dependency on fossil fuels for energy and reduce the carbon emissions. The solar shingles are manufactured with latest technology to withstand impact resistance, high wind resistance, moisture resistance, and algae resistance. The solar glass tiles have inbuilt layer of circuit that captures sun's energy and transmits to the Powerwall installed on the premises. The Powerwall will convert the solar energy to electric energy which in turn could be used for the electric vehicles or to power other appliances in the property. This system from Tesla provides a comprehensive solution for generating electricity right on one's own roof top and garage.


The partnership with Solar City has enabled Tesla to leverage the solar energy solutions, renewable energy, and generating safe energy. In communities with multiple tesla roofing, the extra power generated could be sent back to the grid and used whenever required by the community members.

Glass Tiles from Tesla

The glass tiles used for roofing systems are competing with asphalt shingles, metal roofing, slate shingles, wood shake shingles, and other roofing types. The glass tiles from Tesla are made of tempered glass and are highly impact resistant. The glass tiles eliminate the bulky look offered by the solar panels as they have solar layer inbuilt. For a viewer from street, the solar circuit is not visible but the cells are exposed from above to get direct sunlight. Also, for steep slope roofs, the solar tiles from Tesla assist in capturing the direct sunlight.


Source: Tesla Solar

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Different styles of solar tiles are available such as Tuscan glass tile, Slate glass tile, Textured glass tile, and Smooth glass tile. The distinct style of the glass tiles provide a luxurious curb appeal to the property. Glass tiles from Tesla are tested and installed at the model houses built by Tesla. The tiles must be connected through electrical wires to the inverter which can convert the energy to be used by the property or vehicles.

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Pros and Cons of Tesla Roofing


Here are the advantages of Tesla roofing over normal roofing:

  • Provides energy efficient roofing solutions
  • Reduces energy consumption of the house
  • Reduces the electricity bill for the property
  • Leverages the natural renewable resource for power generation
  • Produce power at individual property level
  • Source extra power to the grid and contribute to the society
  • Long lasting roofs with no extra solar panels required
  • Beautiful curb appeal due to the elimination of bulky solar panels
  • Luxurious look due to the colored glass tiles
  • Robust roofs with impact resistant and high wind resistant glass tiles
  • Energy rebates could be available for installing the Tesla roofing
Tesla roofing advantages



Tesla roofing has some disadvantages when compared to normal roofing:

  • Extra electrical work required to wire the solar tiles
  • Electrician charges are additional to roofing installation
  • Solar tiles cost around $75000 when compared to normal roofing $30000 for a similar material
  • Powerwall cost is around $7500 extra per unit along with the installation
  • Product is not in the market yet and people are uncertain about the investment
  • Only optimal for large communities where all properties have similar roofing
  • Limited number of solar installers available in an area
  • Investment takes the lifetime of the solar tiles to be effective
  • Energy savings are applicable only for long term application
  • Repairs and replacements are hard to find due to limited number of roofers who are familiar with the product
  • Limited guidelines and instructions on installation and set up
  • Warranty must be compatible with the other components of the roof such as attic or gutter
  • Lot of coordination required between Tesla, roofer, electrician, and property owner
Tesla roofing disadvantages

You can check the cost of your roof by entering the square footage of your home in their solar calculator. If you do not want to generate more electricity, you can opt for a combination of Tesla's solar tiles and non-solar tiles. This way you can customize the energy generation of your solar roof.

Currently, Tesla's solar tiles are installed only through licensed contractors from Solar City. They may expand their network in the future. You can signup for their partnership and ambassador program for future updates. Current coverage is limited for only far east and far west states and may reach the MidWest region soon. Customers can now order the smooth and texture glass tiles and future order the tuscan and slate tiles.

Tesla's glass shingles measure 8.65 inch wide and 11 inch long. They can be applied on roof with pitches 3:12 and up to vertical roofs. The different ratings for the Tesla's glass tiles include:

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